Friday, June 24, 2011


Its a one step forward and two steps back kinda day. Let me illustrate.

I've been trying to stock up on baby gifts. Approximately every single person I know has just delivered a baby or is planning to soon and I found some great soft soled shoes at a reasonable price. The same place had a great stainless steel water bottle decorated as a circuit board that would make a perfect accessory for my favorite nerd (Jack). As I filled my shopping cart, I convinced myself that they weren't necessary purchases and went back to work instead.

One step forward!! Go me!!

Then I reached across my desk and ate the second sugar coated cake donut of the afternoon. Its taking every ounce of strength in my body to resist a third. I know I'll probably eat that third donut, before I go home for the day but the longer I wait, the less chance there is I will consume #4 and/or #5.

Two steps backward (more like in a donut-shaped circle around my mid-section).

Happy Friday Friends!

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