Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Athletic Activity

Gage started soccer today. We hyped him up all weekend for the big day. There was the purchase of shin guards last week. And then the search for soccer socks, which we could not find and eventually settled on a pair of small men's socks that fit more like pants. And then the explanation of the sport.

When Gage found out who is coaching his team, he was ecstatic. A boy from church who Gage once rode as a donkey. He immediately set out to gather things for "Coach Colton": score cards, number cards, the front page of a random newspaper, and Gage's Soccer Rules. They are as follows:
#1 Have fun
#2 Be nice to your friends
#3 Get it in the goal

Yep, that's pretty much all I know too.

I was trying to explain to Gage that he might not be the person who always kicks the ball into the net, and that's ok. I tried associating it with basketball passes, baseball positions and volleyball players who all work together. He was really confused about volleyball.

"So what does volleyball look like? Do they play it inside or outside?"

Jack pitched in to field the question, "You know what Gage? The Olympics start next week. How about we sit down together and watch all kinds of volleyball on TV?"

Let the games begin!