Sunday, January 29, 2012

LBF Book Club, Mid-January

We answered these questions mid-month, but due to several illnesses striking simultaneously and then back-to-back, I'm just getting around to posting. Never fear, we have both finished the book and are on track to read Water for Elephants in February.

End of book questions will hopefully be coming at your later this week.

Where and when have you done most of your reading thus far?
D: At home...while feeding a baby. :o)
K: The first part of the book I read before bed, usually on the couch. We took a trip across the state to Madison and I knocked out quite a bit in the pickup. Medium of choice: paperback.

Rating So Far:
D: 8 out of 10
K: 8 –I can’t give a book a 10 at the mid point because books are always best near the end.

Favorite Character So Far:
D: Miss Celia (she's naive...I kind of like that about her), Aibleen, and Mae Mobley. (Sidenote: I now call Ember, "Baby Girl." Some things are just catching.)
K: Constantine. What a mystery for Skeeter to unravel. It’s a bit lit watching a train wreck, knowing eventually Skeeter will find what she’s looking for and cannot be happy with the result.

Most Awesome Part:
D: Aibleen's special stories for Mae Mobley.
K: The one I earmarked was when Skeeter was recalling Constantine’s memory of her daddy hold her, crying because he didn’t know how to make her life right but loved her so much and pushed his thumb into her hand.

Weirdest Part:
D: The entire thing so far is just strange to me. To think this was all reality and never really fiction just blows my mind.
K: Anytime Miss Celia’s in the book, for now. Her fumbling around in the dark with the cooking, and cleaning and interacting with other people is awkward for me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

LBF Book Club

Happy New Year! Despite our lack of blog postings in recent weeks months (?!), our friendship has not imploded quite yet. In an effort to come up with something interesting to say and do in our free time we would like to welcome you to the maiden posting from the LBF Book Club. Our hope is to tackle a new book each month and post some information before, during and after reading each book. Anyone interested in reading along with us is welcome to join in the fun, and if you aren't the literary type, no worries either. Hopefully we'll find a rhythm and several extra hours a week for more regular "normal" postings too.

The rules are simple: every month we're picking a different book to read. There does not exist a magical calendar where we've decided what to read, as many of our major life decision happen on a whim. Each of us has our own copy of the book, we'll read at our leisure, report back about half way through and then take a more in-depth look at the end of each book. Questions? Shoot us a message!

LBF Book Club: January 2012 Edition
1. What are we reading? The Help by Kathryn Stockett

2. First thought
D: It's been out for a while, but it didn't take long for it to hit the top seller list. Working at the library, it's pretty easy for me to see "what's hot" and this definitely fit the bill.
K: I kept hearing about the book, and then the movie. I assumed it was probably a self help book to enable everyone to change the world. I usually wait a really long time to read Bestsellers, go in with all sorts of strange ideas and end up being completely wrong.

3. Why are you reading this book?
D: It's all the rage! (Well, it was about 6 months ago...but better late than never.) AND I want to see the movie...must read the book before watching the movie!
K: Once I found out it was fiction, and not another be-the-best-you-can-be book, I was on board. Dana suggested it and she has a knack for these things. Besides, the cover is cute.

See you at the half way point! (Except Dana...with any luck I'll see her next weekend!)