Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Economic Development

This afternoon, a much anticipated event: cashing in the aluminum cans Gage and Max have tirelessly worked to crush and collect with Grandma Koreen.

Ok, they didn't work tirelessly. But it was several moments of fun and Gage's obsessive self picking squished cans up out of parking lots, alleys and street corners.  And then at the last moment, our pal Travis sent his collection along also.

We had been asking Gage how much money he expected to earn, with guesses being between $5 and "A THOUSAND DOLLARS!". They had just under 2 garbage bags full, and yielded $4.50 for their efforts - it divided perfectly between two hands.

After The Great Aluminum Can Cash In of 2012, they boys hung out at the office until it was time to go home. We did things like: count money, roll up dollar bills and stuff them into our pocket, have a snack, trade crumpled up dollar bills for flat crispy ones, and trade dollars. In trying to get some work done, I overheard Gage working his little brother over:

Gage: "Let's have a race. If I win, I get your dollars and if you win, I get to keep mine."

Max didn't fall for his tricks and we put the brake on his plan before it went any farther. I was equally impressed and horrified at the experience.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chipmunks Like Doritos

I left the boys in the van with a bag of Doritos today while I ran inside to pick up pizzas for lunch. (Judgement free zone on the quality of my Sunday dinner.)

When I came back outside, they were (naturally) chowing down. Up the block a ways Gage dropped a bombshell, "The bag is open on both ends."

Super. So Doritos all over his lap and the back seat of the freshly vacuumed van. I wasn't all too surprised or upset, but told him to sit still until we arrived at our destination and I could help out. At this point Max starts giving the real story, "We held the bag and then it just popped!"

I knew the answer, but asked anyway, "Gage, how did you open the bag of chips?"

He replied, "We just held it up and popped it, but it opened on both ends."

(Insert crickets chirping.)

Then his justification, "You know, like Alvin does on the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie."

Of course, blame it on the naughty chipmunk.