Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All the Fingers on Your Hand

It is astonishing yet, at the same time, totally believable that I am the mother of a FIVE year old.  Wowza!  And let me tell you, this kid has been rocking my socks off lately.  He is just so full of life.  He is such a delight to be around and leaves no stone left unturned.


Here’s the yearly birthday interview to highlight a few of his favs:


It’s always fun to see how he’s going to answer the questions.  The “three words that describe” me answer made me giggle.  Clearly he didn’t quite understand what I was asking…which is why his answer “crime” doesn’t concern me too much.  Ha!

Anyway, some of MY favorite things about five-year-old Easton:

·         He’s been totally into telling jokes for the last few months.  But just recently he’s figured out how to make up his own.  Some of my favs…

Where does a car like to play? The park!
What do Smurfs like to do at the beach? Ride their Smurf boards.

What does the mail learn about at school? Letters.

What’s a toilet’s favorite day? Potty day.  (Clearly he had his birthday in mind here…potty day/party day.)

·         He never lets me leave without a hug and a kiss.  If I head out the door at preschool or day care he’ll stop me in my tracks and say, “Wait Mom!  I need a hug and a kiss!”  I’m sure these days are numbered, so I’m soaking it all in.

·         His passion for trucks, tractors, and big machines continues to grow.  He’s really gotten into Legos the past few months and is constantly creating and inventing new vehicles that are capable of performing any number of tasks.  So cool to see his imagination at work.

·         He is the best snuggler EVER.  He loves it when I wear “comfy clothes” and will ask me multiple times throughout the week (sometimes multiple times in one day!) if I will snuggle with him.  I realize this, too, is probably something that won’t last forever so I rarely turn down a snuggle invite!

·         When he woke up the morning of his birthday I told him something was different about him.  After deliberating for a few minutes I told him the difference must be that he was now five instead of four.  He looked at me with the biggest, brightest smile and said, “Yeah, that must be it!  And I think my voice sounds a little different.  And look at my hands!”  Just LOVE that kid.


The past five years of being Easton’s mommy has been an absolute joy.  His smile comes easy and often, and his beaming personality is warming and contagious to everyone.  People ask, “Is he always in a good mood?” “You can just tell he loves life!” “He’s such a fun kid!”  And he really, truly, is.