Friday, August 26, 2011

On Being Bored

If this was a post about being bored, it would be completely empty because we haven't been bored in a really - really - long time.

I hope to have wedding pictures to share next week from the union between Dana's brother Adam and a fellow graduate from the Chester High School Class of 2001 Courtney. Just tying up a few prior session's edits before I can dive into them. They are awesome though! And on a personal note, it was great to see a few people from my past and reconnect with classmates, friends and Dana's family. Good stuff!

All 4 kids are growing like weeds and keeping up super busy. Easton and Ember will be dedicated at church this weekend so fun this will take place there for sure!

Max had shots yesterday (the 18month shots a few months late) along with a well child check. We were given a clean bill of health and after a follow up with the ENT specialist hopefully next month the abscessed parotid gland should be behind us!

And big news for Gage: he starts preschool in just under two weeks!! We are very much ready to transition into a new routine and anxious to hear all kinds of new stories from his adventure. I knew he's ready and will have a load of fun! Remember Shelby? Her mom Kelli will be one of his teachers! He's pretty pumped.

Earlier this week Dana sent a frantic message feeling disconnected because she didn't know anything about preschool. Here's the info she requested. I really got a kick out of her message so thought I would share.

Backpack: its gold (parts are metallic even) with a bull and rider on the front. We snagged it at a western store in Bismarck ND.
Supplies: Most of the supplies are provided, but he has to take a box of Kleenex, a roll of paper towels and a package of small paper cups.
Wearing the first day: whatever he wants. So probably "sweatpants shorts" and a long sleeve shirt with his Puma sneakers.
Riding: the public transit bus after school. Mom or Dad will drop him off (whoever gets out the door in time, so probably Dad). :)

We are pumped! Boys are here to visit (the sitter's headed to the hospital to coach a friend through labor!!) so I better fire up a movie.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pregnancy, Potty Training, and a Princess

Here I am, on maternity leave.  I promised Kim my creative juices would flow during my 10 weeks at home, so I best follow through.  And what a better way to start than detailing my journey in to maternity leave?
I can’t just jump right to Ember’s birth day, because the story holds much more than that.  So we’ll back up a few days before Ember’s arrival.  As most of you know, I have a 2 ½ year old little man at home.  I had made up my mind many, many months ago to push off potty training until after the arrival of Baby Neu 2.  It just made sense.  I mean really, who wants to deal with potty training when you’re trying to figure out your life with a newborn baby in the house.  Not this mom.  So what lit the fire?  Another mom.  Let’s face it, they always have the best ideas and advice.  Working as a children’s librarian gives me unlimited access to moms that are really awesome (and some that are not, but that’s another post in and of itself).  In chatting with one of these awesome moms, I was introduced to the “Three Day Potty Training” method.  Yes, that’s right, I said three days.  So with my mushy, 38-week pregnant mind I decided this was a fabulous idea.  After all, I had two weeks to get this done.  Let’s do it—now!  I had a long weekend home from work due to the fourth of July holiday and decided to take advantage of it.  (Notice the previous sentence says “I” and not “we.”  David had to work…lucky him, right?)  I stocked the closet with cool underwear, a package of Pull-Ups, candy, stickers, and cheap presents.  Ready, set, go!  In an effort to make this short(er), day one (Saturday) was a disaster.  Day two (Sunday) proved to be some better, and by the morning of day three (Monday) I really thought we were getting somewhere.  And day four (Tuesday--I know, it’s supposed to be three days but just bear with me) brought great excitement when Easton actually told us he had to go potty rather than us telling him he needed to go.  This led to a $40 quad-track tractor and an excited phone call from Daddy to Mommy.  A bit dramatic are we?  Probably.  But I was really sick of doing laundry and hauling my kid to the bathroom.

And then I went in to labor. J
I had an appointment Tuesday afternoon and things were as they should be when you’re 38 weeks pregnant.  The doctor had me schedule my next appointment and said to come with an induction date in mind (she’s not much for surprises).  I wasn’t really keen on picking my child’s birthday and planned to pick the very last day she’d allow.  I wasn’t uncomfortable or in any hurry to rush things along.  My husband and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and going out for supper.  I was having contractions, but didn’t feel the need to rush to the hospital.  I’m fairly certain David was aware of this, but I’m not sure he agrees.  We left town and headed to the farm to pick up Easton and made our way home. 
After being home for about an hour and a half my brother called and needed rescuing.  His pickup had stalled at the gas station in front of the pump.  He asked David to come and pull him away from the pump and give him a ride home.  It was about 9:30pm and Easton was just getting out of the tub.  I told David I wasn’t comfortable with him leaving for an hour and a half because my contractions were coming every 15-20 minutes.  His response, “Ride along then.”  So we did.  We threw Easton’s pajamas on and hopped in the car.  This is when David becomes totally oblivious to what’s going on.  He doesn’t see me throw the rest of Easton’s “hospital/overnight” bag together and throw it in the back seat.  He doesn’t see me keeping track of contractions on my cell phone.  In fact, I’m not entirely certain he saw me get in the front seat of the car beside him.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad…but (he claims) I hadn’t clued him to how serious I was about the fact that I may very well be going in to labor.  
The rest of the night/next morning goes something like this:
9:30pm - We leave the house to rescue my brother from the gas station.
10:30pm - We drop my brother and his finance off and I pose David with the “What should we do now”? question.  He is still clueless and responds with “Go home?”  I tell him I’d rather not drive all the way back home because I’m still having contractions and I think I want to go to the hospital.  David asks if we can at least go back and get his glasses.  Really David?!?
10:45pm - We arrive at my mom and dad’s farm (this is the half-way point between our house and the hospital) to decide what to do.  David asks if he can leave Easton and I there and go back home to get his glasses.
11:00pm - I make the final call – to the hospital we go. 
11:45pm - We arrive at the Emergency Room and I tell them I need to check in to labor and delivery.  They look at me as if I’m one of “those” people.  You know, the ones who aren’t really in labor but think they are.
12:00am - Still in the Emergency Room.  David has found the latest issue of the AARP magazine to read.  Eventually somebody comes and retrieves us from the ER and wonders if we’ve been waiting long.

 12:15am - 4-5cm dilated.  We’re not going home.  We’re having a baby.  And David is still really bummed he doesn’t have his glasses.

1:15am - 6cm dilated.  I have an epidural, just for safety purposes. J
1:40am - 6cm dilated.  My doctor arrives and breaks my water.  We’re really having a baby…and David is wondering if my mom and dad can bring his glasses when they come to see said baby.
2:45am - 8cm dilated.
3:16am - Push…
7lbs. 15oz.  21 in. long

 Really that’s it.  That’s how it all went down.   So here we are…3 weeks later-- I’m not pregnant anymore, we have a (mostly) potty trained 2 ½ year old, and a beautiful (really, really beautiful) princess.  Life is amazing, isn’t it?