Friday, June 14, 2013

Not You, Me

Welcome back! I hope you haven't missed any daily updates we've sent. Kidding aside, we have been living, growing, helping and parenting. I thought I'd jump back in feet first with a post on our evening outing to the park and thoughts on where we've been lately.

At three and a half, Max still enjoys riding in the baby swing. The big kid swings mean staying a little closer to the ground for now and this boy is full of adventure.

You may notice the casted arm. We've been given the go ahead to take off the cast (as of today) so throughout the weekend we'll transition out of it. Six weeks ago Max was riding on his brother, the bull while Jack and I were out of the room. The bull landed on the rider and the next day (I let him whimper through the night before I figured out it was legit) we got xrays and a cast. It actually broke both bones and they found three separate fractures. Its healing great and he's been surprisingly patient with it. It hasn't slowed him down enough as he looks for new and exciting ways to scare his mother every day. If Gage can handle it, then Max thinks it'll be a piece of cake for him too.

Gage finished up Kindergarten a few weeks ago and even though I've been trying hard to change up daytime schedule and keep things fresh, he's bored enough to find all sorts of trouble. I don't want to get into the specifics to protect the guilty parties, but he brought me to tears a couple of times this week. In an effort to understand what's going on I've come up with two thoughts to try and calm myself. First, I remember living at my parent's house the summers after my freshman and sophomore years of college. After the freedom of the dorms and the schedule of college, going back home to their rules and expectations was really challenging. One of those summers I was planning our wedding and preparing for that milestone which didn't help. Perhaps Gage feels the same after a year at school away from a nagging and controlling mom? Second, the kid is amazing. He catches on fast, he loves to learn, his memory is scary accurate and he knows things he shouldn't know (an encyclopedia of random animal facts). He has always been a spirited child. Endless energy, unlimited questions and a thirst of adventure has kept us on our toes for 6+ years. The highs with Gage around are incredibly high. However, it has to balance out somewhere and I truly believe that it makes his lows that much lower. We're working on it. He really is awesome 98% of the time.

I haven't posted anything about his first wrestling season yet either. This past week he spent two days at wrestling camp in a neighboring town learning technique and skills for future seasons. I really do want to put up some more info and links to video from wrestling season. He lost the very first match he wrestled and then went on to a very successful year, coming home from a lot of hardware. Fortunate to take both the district and regional championships he headed into the the state tournament with a single loss on his record. He lost one match in overtime at state, came through wrestlebacks and ended up in third place in his weight and age group. His season record for his first year in the sport was 20-2. We are so proud of his dedication and excitement during the season. He really excels in the land of the unknown. The bigger the challenge, the better.

Thanks for coming back to read. I really have been needing to jot down some ideas and get back into the blog. So much to say and I have a list of new posts needing to happen. A quick rundown of a few things:
  • Summer rodeo season is underway, beginning the same day as the start of a new daycare.
  • After a visit from my former cross country coach, I've laced up the running shoes again.
  • We were able to take a quick weekend trip to the Black Hills, including Mt Rushmore.
  • Our niece and nephews bring all kinds of joy to our lives and we treasure our time together.
  • Gage turned 6, got a Mohawk, finished Kindergarten and played tball!
  • Max broke an arm, almost lost a finger, nurtures an interest in singing and dancing and makes new friends at new daycare.
  • He also finds an "antler" at the park.

Thanks for seeing this!