Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Perkins County Summer: Fishing

When Jack's good friend Dan called to see if he could take the boys fishing, we made it happen. Dan and his sister Anna are great to introduce the boys to all sorts of fun. We had a near perfect day to fish and Anna, being an amazing science teacher, is always great at explaining all the processes and reasons to Gage - spot on.
They were even good sports about baiting hooks for the boys. ;)

Gage's first catch! He was thrilled!

We didn't catch anything big enough to keep and take home to eat, but we caught a lot. Gage reeled in probably close to 20 fish on his line alone. They were all about this size. The water was even clear enough that we could see into the water and watch them bite the line. It was great!

Dan got the boys fishing poles. At the 4th of July Block Party, Anna lined up weights and play fish to put in the yard and let the boys practice casting.
Max found a comfy place to land.
A fun afternoon skipping naps and catching fish instead - thanks Blocks!


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  2. That day was a perfect day to practice fishing. Gage seemed to be good in catching fish; he was able to catch 20 fish alone. That’s quite impressive for a kid! I’m sure he’ll be able to catch more and bigger fish when he grows up. I’m pretty sure Max and Gage had so much fun. I’m looking forward to see their next fishing activity.

    -Idalia Conn