Friday, August 2, 2013

Conversations Between Friends

A quick bit from earlier this week. We don't exactly converse in a straight line, so hopefully you can follow.
Kim: Yesterday Max told me in the sweetest little voice, "I love you so much I'm going to fart.
What a riot.
Kim: I had to ask him to say it again and it came out the same way. No space, no forgotten comma.
Dana: Probably at the same time that Ember was saying "poop on Mommy's head" and giggling ecstatically like only middle-school aged boys should about something like that.

Kim: Ha! We talk lots about poop + head + butt + stink. But its funnier coming from a girl.
Dana: How does she even know that's inappropriate, which makes her giggle?

Kim: You deserve her because you love me so much. You know that right? I'd have a girly girl because I wouldn't know what to do with one, and you have one just like me.

Dana: Yes, it's like living my life with you all over again. Only now I'm in charge and supposed to be responsible. Thanks for that.
Kim: Ha! Daycare? Its not an Easton thing at all. If she lived with Gage I could understand it.

Dana: At least I can rest assured I'll like her as a teenager and grown-adult.

Kim: Hahaha! Let's hope so.
Dana: No, definitely not day care. I'm praying she doesn't say it at day care. 

Kim: I love it!! My kids pick up lots of things at daycare. Its been a great gateway drug for elementary school.