Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cookie Eaters

As I processed a few pictures for a client today, I came across these two and just had to share. The boys had an office day last week when daycare was closed and while they do a pretty good job of getting along and keeping themselves busy so Jack and I can attempt to get work done, it still takes a little forethought about surviving the day to make it work. On this particular secret weapon...Lofthouse cookies. Earned me a silver star on the nutrition chart.

I do not take our arrangment for granted. Being able to bring my kids to work when they're sick, when the babysitter's sick, when school is closed, etc. That's my luxury. Sure, it means needing to work a few hours after they go to bed sometimes, and I often have to overlook a mounting to-do list while they're here. But this? This is the reason I left the teaching field to work along side my husband at our businesses. And this smile? Makes it all worthwhile.
 Max saw the above picture and said, "My ate my cookie all gone!"

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