Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Here's the Thing

Kim here.

Its time to fire back up the digital journal that is full of cobwebs and nobody reads. But what better place to lay out a few thoughts. For posterity. Also because I suck at scrapbooks and printing photos and cleaning house and well...most things domesticated.

Plenty of things have happened of course. Max started Kindergarten this year and has taken school so seriously its almost scary.. We've attended countless wrestling tournaments. Gage recently placed 4th place at state in his weight group in the 9-10 year old division. A week later he turned 9. We increased a dose of Synthroid for Gage's bum thyroid and Max has managed to stay out of the hospital.

Jack and I purchased Main Street property a block south and almost three times the space of our previous building. We then spent 11 months renovating from top to bottom and front to back. The store moved over Labor Day weekend 2015 and its been an excellent move.

Dana had a baby boy. Welcome to the crew Tyce!

This is the latest and greatest thing happening:

That's my belly. Last week. Sixteen weeks pregnant. Its news we've guarded for a while, as my mama heart isn't ready to spread the news to everyone quite yet. The first trimester was rough. I was sick with the boys, but nothing like this. I probably puked 2-3 times a piece with them, though nausea lasted through week 16 or 17 (I puked once at 20 weeks with both of them.) This round? I started puking during week 5 and puked 3-6 times a day everyday but a few until week 11 finally brought some relief. I should most definitely have gone to the doctor for relief sooner. By the time I went, the worst of it was over. Now I'm left with some discomfort from things shifting around (you know, vital organs and such) and a moderate case of insomnia. Fun stuff!
I survived the first trimester at wrestling tournaments every weekend. The day after tournaments ended up being some of my roughest days with the lack of sleep (and fluids) catching up with a fury. I've had several headaches this go around, which is very unlike the last two.
Since we gave away and sold all of our baby clothes, gear and maternity clothes, we are starting from scratch again. Certainly not the first in this situation, or the last, but I've been completely avoiding even considering what we'll need.
A major remodel has started in the basement to finish off every square in of space. The 950 square feet on the main level right now includes two small bedrooms and one bathroom (the living room, dining room and kitchen have great space). We're adding a bathroom and two bedrooms downstairs. You know, so there's enough physical space to set the crib back up.

The boys are very excited. I was terrified to tell them, positive that Max especially would lose his mind over the deal. Homeboy does not like change and he really loves his mama. He completely surprised me with his acceptance and excitement. Its like God knew anything else would put me over the edge. Its been fun involving them in the growth updates and planning. They haven't picked out names yet. Max is even willing share his birthday, if necessary. Good thing, its a real possibility. The due date is October 6th (his birthday is the 2nd if you're keeping track).

Next appointment is actually the ultrasound!

That's the gist of it for now. There's plenty of other stuff going on, but most of it doesn't matter as much. No promises on frequency of blog updates. Just a few things I wanted to get off my chest quick.

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